1. Les Cabinets du Corridor is an installation with several miniature cabinets housing collections of eclectic specimens. These are like small 'Wunderkammers' of cabinets of Wonder. The cabinet of Wonder is a tradition that originated in the sixteenth century. In these collections; the real object was very difficult to distinguish from the fake, man made object. Naturalia like bones, shells and taxidermy were juxtaposed to fictional oddities. By playing with the scale of these objects a miniature microcosm is created. Japanese inspired objects like bonsaï trees, suiseki stones and ikebana flower arrangments reside next to specimens from the natural world. The visitor is invited to take a closer look at these artifical scenery and distinguish the real specimens from the fictional. 

    Hosted by the Districtshuis Deurne in a side wing (glass corridor), Antwerp. A body of work was shown from 2019 until 2022.