1. Romane Claus (°1994) is a visual artist based in Antwerp. In her multidisciplinary practice she works in the audiovisual domain, predominantly with animation, multimedia installation and drawing. She obtained her MA at KASK School of Arts, Ghent in the animation section in 2017. In the stop motion technique, a specific set or scenery is carefully constructed on scale. Hereby the artist fascination for the miniature object and the artificial scenery started. The artist makes three-dimensional miniature sculptures that fulfill a role as ‘props’. These props can be photographed, become the decor of a stop motion set or serve in a (multimedia) installation. Setting the scene with these props and playing with scales is an important part of her work. The resizing of these objects creates a deformation: a new narrative emerges where fiction is hard to distinguish from reality.

    Levende Verveling a text by Régis Dragonetti, Onrust Magazine 2017

    De nieuwe lichting, KASK 2017 kortfilm.be